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Collection: Inblu

 In 1982 the company began producing the footwear we know today
Every day Inblu engineers work hard in order to develop technologically advanced products made of carefully selected raw materials.
They combined the softness of slippers with the support and stability of the shoes to ensure comfort and a stylish glamour look.
Inblu has developed several features that allow ensuring the well-being of the body, starting from the foot's health: Flexibility, lightness, and softness of the product according to your foot, are just a few of the numerous features of our products.
The Inblu office in Italy is powered by a photovoltaic system producing 440,000 kWh of clean energy every year. The system consists of 2,156 photovoltaic modules preventing 250 tonnes of CO2 emissions every year. By using renewable energy sources Inblu confirms its commitment towards sustainability and responsible business practice.